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We've changed our name!

We are now the Washington State Board of Nursing (WABON). Learn more about our name change...

Snoqualmie Falls


Update: Implementation of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

On April 21, 2023, Gov. Jay Inslee signed the …

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Washington state is now accepting nurses with a multistate license (MSL) as part of the Nursing Compact

Washington state has joined the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) effective July 24, 2023.

The NLC increases access to nursing care in our state and gives Washington nurses the option to help other NLC states. This is done with a…

Ruby Beach, Washington


New process for the Nursing Assistant Exam- register for October now

Updated: October 5, 2023

Washington is changing the process for completing the nursing assistant exam. The purpose is to increase students’ access to skills testing following graduation. 

  • New process starts October…
Mt. Rainier


We have a new name! The Nursing Commission is now Board of Nursing

Washington state has joined the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) effective July 24, 2023.

As a part of the legislation to join the NLC, we are changing our name: 

  • Old name: Nursing Care Quality…
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NCQAC mifepristone statement

NCQAC supports state protection of ARNPs who prescribe mifepristone and provide the full scope of reproductive health care

May 12, 2023

The Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (NCQAC) joins the Washington Medical…

COVID-19 Information

Stay up to date with the Department of Health (DOH) COVID-19 website.

COVID-19 vaccination requirement

All health care providers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

COVID-19 misinformation statement

Physicians who generate and spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation are risking disciplinary action by state medical boards.

RN & LPN Graduate Resources

Are you a recent grad or applying for your first RN or LPN license?

Visit Apply by NCLEX Exam to get started!

Get information and learn how to:

Register for the NCLEX
Verify your education
Have your official transcripts sent 
Apply for your license
Test out of an RN program to become a LPN

Become a Student Nurse Preceptor

Get a monetary incentive while making an impact on the future of nursing!

A nursing preceptor is a practicing licensed nurse who provides:

personal instruction

to nursing students during nursing clinical rotations.

Visit Student Nurse Preceptor for more information.