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Education Data Dashboard

Information about the nursing education programs in Washington state. 

About the Education Dashboard

General information about students and faculty of nursing programs both in and out of state.

Available data includes: 

  • Admission and graduation numbers and trends.
  • Demographic data.
  • Clinical hours of programs.
  • and more. 

Dashboard reports:

  • Nursing Education in Washington by Academic Year
  • Overview of Nursing Education Trends in Washington
  • Nursing Student and Faculty Demographics in Washington
  • Map of Nursing Programs in Washington
  • Faculty Employment in Washington
  • Specialties of Post Licensure Students in Washington
  • Clinical Hours of Nursing Programs in Washington
  • Out-of-State Students from Washington
  • Refresher Programs in Washington 2021-2022
  • NCLEX First-time Pass Rates in Washington of RN and PN

Education Dashboard

This interactive dashboard is created using Microsoft Power BI. It is best viewed on a desktop.

About the data

We gather education our data from a variety of annual surveys and reports including:

  • NCSBN In-State Prelicensure Survey
  • NCQAC In-State Post licensure Survey
  • NCQAC Out of State Survey
  • Pearson VUE National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) statistics
  • NCQAC Refresher Program survey

Data notes

  • Before 2019 data came from the NCQAC annual survey. 
  • Since 2020 we started getting data from more sources.
  • Some fields may vary between report groups, such as pre-licensure and post-licensure. 


We update the education dashboard annually when new survey data for the academic year becomes available.

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