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Workforce Data Requirements

All nurses working in Washington state must provide demographic data every year.

About the data:

  • We use this data to help plan for our state nursing needs and improve healthcare.
  • We don’t see individual responses, only summarized information.

First time licensed in Washington requirements

Once you’ve received your license number, you must submit your demographic data via:

Renewing or Reactivating your Washington license requirements

Every year when you renew your license, you must review and update your demographic information as needed.

Out-of-state multistate license (MSL) requirements

If you are an RN or LPN and work for a Washington state mandatory employer and you:

  • Have multistate license (MSL) from another NLC state.
  • Don't have a Washington state nurse license.

Then you must complete the MSL demographic survey:

  • When you are first hired to work in Washington
  • Every year after that.

Complete the MSL demographic survey:

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