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Nursing Technician (NTEC) License

A nursing technician (nurse tech) is a nursing student preparing to get an RN or LPN license. Nurse techs are licensed to work in hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics.

Steps to apply

  1. Make sure you meet all requirements
  2. Get your forms signed and ready to upload
  3. Complete an online application
  4. Pay application fee online
  5. Attach required forms and documents
    1. Any “yes” responses to personal data questions must have supporting documents, such as court documents and written statements.
  6. Submit your application

We will email you if we need anything or have issues with your application.


To become a licensed nurse tech you must be enrolled in good standing in an approved RN or LPN program and haven't graduated.

Your nursing technician registration must remain valid until 30 days after graduation.

See RCW 18.79.340 for details.

Required Forms

These forms are required to process your application: 

  • NTEC Education Verification form (PDF)
    • Education verification form must be completed by your Director of Nursing.
  • NTEC Employment Verification form (PDF)
    • Employment verification form must be completed by your prospective nursing director or employer. This is to certify you have been offered a position as a nursing technician registered.

Submitting forms and documents

  • You have 14 days after you submit your application to upload your documents online. 
  • After 14 days you won’t be able to access your application though SAW.  
  • If you have more documents to submit after 14 days, please email them to

Credential number

After you submitted your application and payment you will get an email with your pending credential number. 

Refer to this credential number any time you contact us or submit documents. 

We will email you if we need more information. 

More Information


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