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Updated: September 22, 2023

Nursing Commission names schools associated with Florida investigation and denies related nursing applications (update)

July 21, 2023, Tumwater, WA – In conjunction with an ongoing investigation into the legitimacy of multiple Florida-based nursing schools, the Washington state Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (NCQAC) takes action to rescind licenses or deny applicant licenses associated with certain Florida-based nursing schools.

These schools have been identified as participants in the scheme to issue fraudulent nursing diplomas and supporting documents through a federal investigation known as Operation Nightingale. The federal agents involved in Operation Nightingale advise nursing regulatory bodies to carefully review any license applications associated with graduates of these programs.

Florida-based school list:

  • Carleen Health Institute
  • Carleen Home Health School II
  • Ideal Professional Institute, Inc.
  • Jay College of Health LLC
  • Med-Life Institute – West Palm Beach
  • Med-Life Institute of South Florida
  • Med-Life Institute School of Nursing
  • Palm Beach School of Nursing
  • Quisqueya Health Care Academy
  • Quisqueya School of Nursing
  • Sacred Heart International Institute Inc.
  • Siena College of Health
  • Siena College of Health II LLC
  • Siena Education Center LLC
  • Sigma College
  • Sigma Institute of Health Careers
  • Sunshine Academy
  • Techni-Pro Institute
  • The Enfimye Institute

Employers are encouraged to verify the license of any new or existing employee.

Employers should carefully review employees’ or applicants’ nursing education. Consider whether nurses received their nursing education from one of the schools identified above.


NCQAC Contact:
Catherine Woodard
Director of Discipline and WHPS