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Interactive Data Dashboards

Data dashboards provide a way to interactive and explore Washington state nursing data. You can create different reports using the available buttons to filter the data. 


About the Dashboards

  • Data dashboards provide an interactive way to explore Washington state nursing data. 
  • Most dashboards have filters you can use for detailed data. 
  • With the dashboards, data can be viewed as a map or as trends over time and are available for download.  

About Power BI

We use Power BI to create our interactive data dashboards. Power BI is an interactive data visualization software from Microsoft.

Tips for using the Dashboards

Each dashboard has multiple pages. You can change which page you are viewing by:

  • clicking on the name of the page you want at the top of the dashboard.
  • using the left and right arrows near the page number at the bottom of the dashboard.

Most of the pages on the dashboards have slicers to filter the data shown.  You can view data by different criteria, such as type of license or timeframe. 

You can change which filters you want to apply by clicking the:

  • check mark box next to the criteria.
  • button containing the criteria.