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Become a Nurse Preceptor for Student Nurses

Volunteer with your employer to become a preceptor for student nurses and get a monetary incentive for your time and effort.

Washington State Student Nurse Preceptorship Grant (WSSNPG)

The Washington legislature has set up a grant for student nurse preceptorship. This grant funds nurses who precept nursing students in health care settings. 

WA State Student Nurse Preceptorship Grant (WSSNPG) Overview - Spring 2023

The goals of the preceptor grant program are to:

  • Help reduce a shortage of healthcare settings for students.
  • Bring more nurses into the workforce.

Who is eligible?

  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP)
  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

Requirements to be a student nurse preceptor

To be a nurse preceptor you must:

  • Have an active license.
  • Have at least one year of clinical or practice experience.
  • Be employed at an approved practice site.

More information:

Preceptor resources

How to qualify for reimbursement 

Information on how to get the student nurse preceptor reimbursement.

To qualify for the reimbursement, you must:

Step-by-step how to fill the COH & Statewide Vendor Number forms
  • Meet all requirements to be a student nurse preceptor.
  • Volunteer to be a student nurse preceptor with your employer.
    • Employer must be an approved practice site by an approved education program.
  • Complete at least 80 qualifying hours of precepting clinical instruction per student. 
    • A student nurse preceptor may precept up to 2 students per term.

To qualify, clinical practice hours must:

  • Occur in a facility approved by a Washington State nursing program.
    • Out-of-state programs don't qualify, even if the clinical hours take place in Washington.
  • Be in the final term of clinical for RN and LPN pre-licensure students.
  • Be in any clinical for ARNP students. 

How to apply for reimbursement 

  1. Complete the Vendor/Payee Registration Form with the Office of Financial Management (OFM)
  2. Complete the Certification of Hours (COH) (PDF) form
    • The education program will email the COH form to you when you finish precepting
    • The education program will fill out the first page
    • The education program Dean or Director will sign the COH form certifying the preceptor hours
    • Make sure form is filled out correctly. Certification of Hours (COH) form EXAMPLE (PDF)
  3. Email completed COH form to
    • You must send the COH form by the due date listed in the Reimbursement Cycles (below).

Reimbursement resources

Reimbursement cycles

Reimbursement cycles

Preceptorship End Date 

*Which date did your preceptorship experience end in?

Documentation Due Date

*Please email documents no later than this date

Spring 2023 May 15 - June 15 June 15
Summer 2023 June 16 - August 30 August 30
Fall 2023 September 1 - December 20 December 30
Winter 2024 January 1 - March 30 March 30
Spring 2024 April 1 - June 15 June 15


What is a nursing preceptor?

A nursing preceptor is a practicing licensed nurse who provides personal instruction, training, and supervision for nursing students during clinical rotations.

Am I eligible to precept a student?

You are eligible to precept a student if you are a licensed LPN, RN, or ARNP that meets requirements of WAC 246-840-533, and employed at an approved clinical practice site. An approved practice site is a facility with an affiliation agreement with an approved Washington state nursing educational program.

How many times can I apply for this grant?

You can apply for this grant up to 2 times per payment cycle, for a maximum of 8 payments per year. 

I did not get my payment. What do I do? 

If it has been 8 weeks or more since you submitted your paperwork you should contact the Preceptor Program directly at

Contact information

We're available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Preceptor Grant Team