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Become a Nurse Preceptor for Student Nurses

Volunteer with your employer to become a preceptor for student nurses and get a monetary incentive for your time and effort.

We are now accepting submissions for Winter 2024 only. 

  • The Fall cycle closed Jan. 15, 2024. No submissions from 2023 or before are accepted.
  • Please follow instructions carefully when applying for reimbursement.

Winter 2024 reimbursement cycle information:

For the winter cycle, you can earn $850 for precepting student nurses.

  • You must complete at least 80 hours of precepting clinical instruction per student.
  • The deadline to apply for the grant reimbursement for winter 2024 is April 15, 2024.
  • Deadline is firm. We must receive all required documents and information by this date to qualify for reimbursement.

More information

Washington State Student Nurse Preceptorship Grant (WSSNPG)

The Washington legislature has set up a grant for student nurse preceptorship. This grant funds nurses who precept nursing students in health care settings. 

WSSNPG winter 2024 updates: changes to the submission process

The amount varies from cycle to cycle, but usually ranges from $500 - $1000 one-time reimbursement per student precepted. 

The goal of the preceptor grant program is to:

  • Help reduce a shortage of healthcare settings for students.
  • Bring more nurses into the Washington state workforce.

Who is eligible?

  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP)
  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

Local, State, and Federal government nursing employees:

  • You should confirm that you won't violate Local, State, or Federal ethics laws before submitting.
  • Consider contacting your leadership team to verify. 

Requirements to be a student nurse preceptor

To be a nurse preceptor you must:

  • Have an active license.
  • Have at least one year of clinical or practice experience.
  • Be employed at an approved practice site.

More information:

How to qualify for reimbursement 

Information on how to get the student nurse preceptor reimbursement.

To qualify for the reimbursement, you must:

  • Meet all requirements to be a student nurse preceptor.
  • Volunteer to be a student nurse preceptor with your employer.
    • Employer must be an approved practice site by an approved education program.
  • Complete at least 80 qualifying hours of precepting clinical instruction per student. 
    • A student nurse preceptor may precept up to 2 students per term.
  • Submit all required documents by the reimbursement cycle deadline of your preceptorship. (See Reimbursement cycles table below.)

In addition, your clinical practice hours must:

  • Occur in a facility approved by a Washington State nursing program.
    • Out-of-state programs don't qualify, even if the clinical hours take place in Washington.
  • Be in the final term of clinical for RN and LPN pre-licensure students.
    • ARNP students can be in any clinical cycle for reimbursement.  

How to apply for reimbursement 

You can apply for reimbursement only for the current cycle. Previous cycles won't be accepted. See Reimbursement Cycles below for timeframes and deadlines. 

WSSNPG Preceptor Procedure 2024
  1. Register for a Statewide Vendor Number (SVN) with the Office of Financial Management (OFM) via the Vendor/Payee Registration Form.
    • You must get a personal SWV (we don't accept Business SWVs).
    • It can take up to 10 business days to get.
    • You only need to apply once - it doesn't expire.
    • You must update your SWV number registration information every 2 years to be valid.
    • Contact OFM for any contact information changes, such as address, email, phone, etc.
    • Tips on Registering for your Statewide Vendor Number (PDF)
  2. Complete the online Preceptor Hours Reporting Form by cycle deadline*.
    • You can apply for reimbursement only for the current cycle. Previous cycles won't be accepted. See Reimbursement Cycles below for timeframes and deadlines.
    • The Nursing Program will be responsible for sending us the Preceptorship Verification of Hours Form. Preceptors are only responsible for the Preceptor Hours Reporting Form.
    • Once we receive the Deans and Directors' verification form, it may take up to 10 weeks for the preceptor's team and the Office of Accounting to complete the reimbursement.

*We must receive all required documents and information by cycle deadline to qualify for reimbursement.

    Reimbursement Cycles

    We are currently accepting reimbursement submissions for the Winter 2024 cycle only.

    Reimbursement cycles

    Preceptorship end date

    Documentation deadline*

    Summer July 1 - August 31 September 15
    Fall September 1 - December 31 January 15
    Winter January 1 - March 31 April 15
    Spring April 1 - June 30 June 25

    *Deadline is firm. We must receive all required documents and information by this date.  


    • Preceptorship end date: the timeframe your preceptorship ended in.
    • Documentation deadline: date you must have your reimbursement paperwork turned in. 

    Reimbursement Resources

    Preceptor Resources

    Online training resources and information on being a preceptor.

    Preceptors: Helping new nurses transition to practice

    Free self-paced learning module from WABON. 

    • Developed using materials developed by Shandra L. James, DNP, RN, and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).
    • Overview of the wide range of roles and responsibilities of the preceptor and suggestions about how to fulfill each role.

    Go to course: Preceptors: Helping New Nurses Transition to Practice

    Preceptor Education Program (PEP)

    Free self-directed interprofessional program created by Western University in Canada.

    • 8 interactive learning modules
    • Modules include downloadable resources, learning exercises, video case scenarios, and references. 

    Go to modules: Preceptor Education Program (PEP)

    Dean and Director Resources


    What is a nursing preceptor?

    A nursing preceptor is a practicing licensed nurse who provides personal instruction, training, and supervision for nursing students during clinical rotations.

    Am I eligible to precept a student?

    You are eligible to precept a student if you are a licensed LPN, RN, or ARNP that meets requirements of WAC 246-840-533, and employed at an approved clinical practice site. An approved practice site is a facility with an affiliation agreement with an approved Washington state nursing educational program.

    How many times can I apply for this grant?

    You can apply for this grant up to 2 times per payment cycle, for a maximum of 8 payments per year. 

    I did not get my payment. What do I do? 

    If it has been 8 weeks or more since you submitted your paperwork you should contact the Preceptor Program directly at

    Is the grant taxable?

    The grant funds are taxable. You will receive a 1099-NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) form during tax season. For any other tax questions, please consider contacting a tax advisor.

    Preceptor Grant Team

    • Victoria L. Hayward, MSN, RN, CNOR
    • Helen Budde, Preceptor Grant Specialist
    • Kaknika Pisith, Administrative Assistant

    Contact information

    • Email:
    • Phone: 564-669-4870, Kaknika Pisith, Administrative Assistant
    • Phone: 564-669-1016, Victoria Hayward, MSN, RN, CNOR