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Workforce Data Dashboard

Information and statistics about nurse licenses issued in Washington state. 

About the Workforce Dashboard

General statics about nurse licensing both in and out of state. The Workforce Dashboard has four primary pages: Maps, Demographics, Employment, and Education.

Available data includes: 

  • General geographic data of nurses residing in Washington state.
  • Distribution of age, race, and gender of the workforce.
  • Employment statuses of nurses in Washington.
  • Average education levels attained.

Dashboard reports:

  • Active Nurses by County and Zip Code
  • Demographic Data for Nurses in Washington
  • Employment Details for Nurses in Washington
  • Education and Licenses for Nurses in Washington

Workforce Dashboard

This interactive dashboard is created using Microsoft Power BI. It is best viewed on a desktop.

About the data

The main data sources are:

  • NURSYS e-Notify Workforce Survey Collection
  • Washington state Integrated Licensing & Regulatory System (ILRS).


We update the licensing dashboard monthly.

  • We extract the data from ILRS and NURSYS the first Wednesday of each month.

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