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Change Your Personal Information

You and update your contact information online. You must email us to change your name. 

Change your name

In order to complete a name change you must send us the following information:

  • The correct legal documentation:
    • Marriage certificate
    • Divorce decree
    • Naturalization document
    • Legal name change document signed by a judge
  • Your credential (license) number
  • How you would like your name to appear

If you are missing any of the information listed above, we will not be able to complete your name change request. You can submit your information via fax at 360-236-4738 or by email.

Update your contact information

All licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs), advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs), and nursing technicians (NTECs) may update their contact information online for their Washington State license through accessing the SecureAccess Washington (SAW) security portal.

To update your information online you will need: 

DOH Online Application Portal

  1. Log in to your SAW account
    1. For help see Create a SAW account
  2. Click on “Home
  3. Click on “Access Now.”
  4. Click “Continue
  5. Enter required information on the User Lookup Page.
    1. Last name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Social security number (SSN)
  6. Click “Search.”
  7. Update your address on the Update User Profile page by
    1. Selecting from the drop down lists your Country, State/Province, and county
    2. Enter your full street address including Apartment number in the Address Line 1 field
    3. Enter your city
    4. Enter your Zip Code
    5. Click on the "Validate Address" link.
    6. Select the Use Suggested Address option
    7. Click the Save button
  8. Once you have validated your address, click the "UPDATE" button.

Download update information instructions (PDF)

Need help?

If you have trouble with the Online Application Portal, you can contact us during business hours.