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Request to Use Online Modalities

WABON may approve use of two types of online modalities when a program meets all requirements: 

  • "Live online" means online classroom theory learning where students are required to log in at a specific time and participate in real-time activities in the virtual classroom with a live instructor.  Live online is also called “synchronous.”
  • Online with "asynchronous" elements means online learning of classroom or theory content that allows students to view and participate with online instructional materials within a flexible, but defined time period and does not include a continuous live video lecture component.

Both types must be hybridized with in-person skills lab and in-person clinical rotations scheduled to occur in close correlation with classroom/theory content.

Review the requirements for approval to use online modalities in WAC 246-841A-440(5)(c).

Which online modality do you want approval to use?


Please contact: