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Education Information for Nursing Students

Information for nursing students and recent graduates.

    Approved scholarship information

    LPN and RN test info

    To become an LPN or RN, applicants must take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

    First, you will need Authorization to Test (ATT) from the WABON licensing.

    See Apply by NCLEX Exam for more information.

      ARNP national certification exam

      The Washington State Board of Nurisng (WABON) approves the following national certification programs:

      National nursing education accreditation

      Helpful resources

        Scope of Practice Decision Tree

        The Scope of Practice Decision Tree is a tool designed to help nurses, nursing students, employers, and policy makers determine the responsibilities a nurse can safely perform:

        Nurse Practice Act of Washington

        The Nurse Practice Act is found in RCW 18.79. The WA Board of Nursing writes the rules for nursing practice. 

        Refresher Program Clinical Placement

        Other Information