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Nursing Program Plan of Correction

What is a Plan of Correction (POC)?

A POC is a written report a nursing program prepares showing how it will address the deficient standards identified in law.

The Washinton State Board Nursing (WABON) may request a POC if one of the following:

  • The program receives a statement of deficiencies. 
  • The program fails to maintain an annual pass rate of 80 percent.

How to submit a POC

Use the Plan of Correction (POC) template and email it to

When filling out the POC

  • State the WAC deficiency.
  • Identify actions taken to correct WAC deficiency.
  • Include the date of planned implementation.
  • Provide evidence to show the WAC deficiency has been corrected.

What to expect after submitting a POC

The Nursing Program Approval Panel (NPAP) reviews the Plan of Correction (POC).

The NPAP may choose to accept or reject the POC.

  • If the NPAP rejects the POC, they will request clarifying information.
  • The NPAP may ask WABON staff to do a program site visit.