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Nursing Assistant Education Programs in Washington

Nursing Assistant-Registered (NAR) Verification of Clinical Hours and Competency (Valid Only During COVID-19 Crisis) (PDF)

In accordance with emergency rules filed (WSR 21-04-004), the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission can now temporarily allow programs to count students' nursing assistant-registered (NAR) work or volunteer hours as clinical hours when the NAR is performing the competencies of a nursing assistant in a care facility under the supervision of a licensed nurse. In order to receive credit, each NAR needs to provide to the training program documentation of competency evaluation by the supervising licensed nurse for tasks assigned as well as evidence of hours worked or volunteered to the training program. This allowance for clinical hours is temporary during the COVID-19 crisis. The form provides additional instructions and a competency evaluation checklist. Please note: Nursing homes under sanction are not allowed to have licensed nurse personnel evaluate the competency of students for credit; the list of sanctioned nursing homes can be found here.

Curriculum Implementation Materials and Integration of Knowledge and Skills (YouTube)

This video provides tools to help structure a program to meet requirements and support optimal teaching and learning. The target audience includes traditional, home care aide alternative (bridge), and medical assistant alternative (bridge) nursing assistant training programs. This video is not intended for use by medication assistant certification endorsement programs, which uses a national curriculum.

Form templates for new program applications

New program applicants may use these templates as part of a program application packet.

Train the trainer

Program directors in nursing assistant training programs must complete a course in adult education or have one year of experience teaching adults.


Other approvals

Programs must have Nursing Commission approval in order to operate. Nursing assistant programs must also have approval from other agencies as appropriate:

Changes requiring nursing commission approval

Certain changes programs make require approval from the Nursing Commission. These changes are in WAC 246-841-420. You must notify and get approval from the Nursing Commission before making these changes:

  • Program Director
  • Instructors
  • Curriculum

Please see our forms page for more information.

Medication assistant endorsement certification

Medication assistant endorsement certification allows nursing assistants-certified (NAC) who have completed additional training to administer medications and certain treatments to residents in nursing homes under the direct supervision of a designated registered nurse.

This program is different from the current training for NACs because:

  • The facility offering the training must be an already approved nursing assistant training program or nursing education program.
  • The instructors in the program must be registered nurses.
  • The curriculum must be 100 hours minimum and must meet the standards set by the National Council State Boards of Nursing.