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Nursing Assistant-Registered (NAR) work pathway

The Washington State Board of Nursing continues to allow most approved nursing assistant training programs to count students’ nursing assistant-registered (NAR) employment hours as clinical hours when qualifying and documentation criteria are met.

The NAR Work Pathway is an option for students who want to pursue it and the training program authorizes it for a student (case-by-case basis).  

  • You are not required to complete your clinical training using the NAR Work Pathway. It is optional. 

If you are interested in using the NAR Work Pathway to complete clinical training, you must verify with the training program that they offer the NAR Work Pathway.  Not all programs do.

  • All approved training programs are required to provide instructor-led clinical training in a care facility for all students completing the program.  

For qualifying criteria and documentation instructions:

This form is required for documenting NAR employment experiences for clinical hours’ credit in an approved nursing assistant training program.  

More Information

Details regarding the NAR Work Pathway: