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Early intervention is key to patient safety and positive recovery outcomes. Learn the signs and symptoms of substance use disorder and Speak Up to save lives. The following is a partial list:

Signs of Impaired Practice

  • Smells of alcohol or cannabis
  • Narcotic discrepancies
  • Frequent errors
  • Changes in drug ordering patterns
  • Patient complaints about reduced pain relief
  • Offers to administer meds for other nurses
  • Volunteers for extra shifts
  • At facility on days off/at odd hours
  • Leaves worksite frequently and unexpectedly
  • Bizarre behavior
  • Poor work performance

Symptoms of SUD

  • Increased Isolation                                                
  • Avoids eye contact                                                 
  • Defensive                                                              
  • Lethargic or jittery                                                 
  • Deteriorating appearance                                       
  • Verbally/physically aggressive                              
  • Rapid change in weight                                         
  • Poor judgment or concentration                              
  • Dishonesty                                                           
  • Slurred, rapid, pressured speech                             
  • Boundary violations

Washington Health Professional Services (WHPS) can help

WHPS came into existence August 1, 1991. This voluntary, structured, supportive monitoring program was designed to assist nurses into treatment and recovery.

The WHPS program includes:

  • Confidential consultation with the health professional, employer, or other concerned referring individual
  • Referral for evaluation and treatment
  • Individualized participation plan and case management
  • Peer support
  • Education and outreach

Contact Us

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use and are looking for further assistance, please contact us:

Phone: 360-236-2880, option 1