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This page contains resources and information for those participating, or interested in participating, in the WHPS program. If you have questions about the information or resources listed below please email

WHPS Policies and Procedures

Procedure Title
W30.01 Confidentiality, Records Management, and Security
W31.02 Program Eligibility and Admission Types
W32.03 Program Non-Compliance and Discharge Criteria
W33.01 Intake
W34.02 Substance Use Evaluation and Treatment Services
W35.02 Contract Terms and Conditions
W36.01 Case Management
W37.01 Practice Approval
W38.01 Work Site Monitoring
W39.01 Professional Peer Support Groups
W40.02 Medication Use
W41.01 Short Term Analgesic Use
W42.03 Drug and Alcohol Testing
W43.01 Missed Check-Ins and Tests
W44.02 Unauthorized Substance Use
W45.01 Cease Practice Requirements
W46.02 Graduation
W47.01 Outreach and Education
W48.01 Office Hours and Standards
W49.01 Performance Reports and Procedure Review

WHPS Forms and Publications

Other Helpful Links

Safe Medication Disposal

Find an Evaluator or Treatment Provider

WHPS allows health professionals to obtain substance use disorder and mental health evaluations from any Washington State certified service. The Department of Health maintains a directory of all state certified services. 

In addition, WHPS will accept evaluations from qualified practitioners, for example psychiatrists, psychologists, and advanced nurse practitioners.

Obtain approval from your case manager before getting an evaluation. Evaluations from unapproved evaluators may not be accepted.

Contact Us

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use and are looking for further assistance, please contact us:

Phone: 360-236-2880, option 1