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Nursing Practice Consultants

You may have questions about a practice situation or your scope of practice. Our nurse practice consultants are available to help identify the appropriate resources to guide decision-making and help understand accountabilities for nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and advanced registered nurse practitioners.

The goal is to help nurses access the tools needed to make the best possible decisions to ensure safe, competent, and ethical nursing practice.

It is not always possible for a nurse consultant to provide a simple yes or no answer. Nursing practice is complex, and it is up to each nurse to consider legislation, regulatory and employer expectations, their practice setting and competence, and the client before making any practice related decisions. The nurse is expected to determine whether they have the knowledge, skill, and judgment to proceed with any task or role.

Nursing Practice Questions

If you have questions related to nursing practice in the state of Washington, please use the following resources:

Contact a Nursing Practice Consultant

If you need more help, please contact us by email:

Request an Education Presentation

Request an education presentation from one of our Practice Consultants