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New DOH K-12 Health Notebook

It's back to school season at the Washington State Department of Health. We have been organizing our "school supplies" which includes our Schools website and this K-12 Health Notebook.

The K-12 Health Notebook is a "right now, what's next" newsletter to connect Washington's schools to DOH information and resources. You can expect "notebook entries" quarterly, and more frequently when needed. DOH is grateful for your work with children, youth and their families--thank you and all the best in the '23-24 school year.

DOH school's website has been updated

Designed to be a one-stop shop for schools, the website now links to DOH school-connected programs and resources.

The updated Children and Youth Activities Guide for Air Quality has a new FAQ

DOH updated the guide in June 2023 after extensive partner engagement and review. On September 1st, the DOH authoring team released an FAQ, to support interpretation and decision making. Questions can be directed to

Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) fall registration is open

Healthy Youth Survey 2023 measures health risk behaviors that contribute to health, injury, illness, and social problems among youth in Washington State. This crucial information can inform decision-making and program planning to better support young people across the state.

Medicaid/Apple Health coverage for your students

For many Washingtonians, it’s time to renew their Medicaid/Apple Health coverage. Your students’ parents and caregivers may need to renew their coverage and update their contact information.

For more details to share with your school community, visit: Renewing your Apple Health coverage (