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Nurses are required to obtain a substance use disorder evaluation as part of the WHPS Intake process, and to follow the resulting treatment recommendations. Evaluations must be conducted by an SUDP or other qualified professional (e.g., psychiatrist, psychologist, advanced nurse practitioner), evaluations by an SUDP-T are not accepted. 

Nurses may seek an evaluation through any Washington State certified substance use treatment service or other qualified provider. State certified treatment services can be found here rptAgencyDirectory. Nurses are responsible for all costs related to the evaluation.

The evaluation should include a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, appraisal of ability to provide safe care, and treatment recommendations. WHPS does not provide treatment and relies solely on evaluators for those recommendations. The findings of the evaluation will help determine the individualized monitoring components to be included in the nurse’s WHPS contract.

Additionally, WHPS may refer nurses for a comprehensive substance use/mental health evaluation if there are other behavioral health concerns.

Treatment Providers

Upon entry of the WHPS nurse into your treatment program, please fax (360-359-7956) documentation of your brief or general assessment, treatment goals, usual duration of program, any additional recommendations and date of the client’s entry. If you have immediate questions, please contact WHPS by phone (360-236-2880, option 1).

As a condition of participation in WHPS the nurse must authorize communication between WHPS and their treatment provider(s). This helps ensure public safety and that treatment providers have necessary information. Please have the nurse sign an authorization with you to speak with WHPS.    

WHPS requires monthly faxed (360-359-7956) treatment progress reports. Reports are due by the 5th of each month. You may use your standard progress report or the WHPS Therapist report.

Upon completion of the treatment program, please send written documentation of the date of completion, discharge plans and aftercare follow-up.

If the nurse terminates from your program prior to completion of initial treatment or aftercare, please notify the WHPS case manager immediately. In addition, if you have concerns regarding the nurse while attending your program, please call to discuss them. WHPS requires that you report all relapses/positive drug screens immediately by phone.

WHPS Policies and Procedures


Contact Us

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use and are looking for further assistance, please contact us:

Phone: 360-236-2880, option 1