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NLC Employer Compliance form and Nurse MSL demographic data survey updates

The Employer Compliance form and Multistate (MSL) Nurse Demographic Data survey are now back online.

We've made several changes to improve the process going forward. These changes make it easier for us to track who has completed the demographic data survey.

If you've already completed the survey or compliance form, you don't need to do anything.

Employer updates

Employers must attest that out-of-state MSL nurses have completed the Nurse MSL demographic survey.

For employers that aren't sure, we've added the option to provide nurse email addresses. WABON will then email the survey invitation to the nurses directly.

MSL nurse updates

We've added the ability for employers to have us send email invites to complete the demographic survey. This allows nurses to save answers or complete the survey at a later date.

We've also added identifying information questions to track who has completed the survey.

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