End of COVID-19 Emergency Orders and State of Emergency by October 31

On Sept. 8, Gov. Jay Inslee announced the upcoming rescission of all remaining COVID-19 emergency proclamations and state of emergency by Oct. 31.

Application Processing Times

Our goal is to get you licensed and able to work as soon as possible.

We aim to issue a permanent license or temporary practice permit within 7 days of getting your complete application.

Some applications may take longer if:

  • there is a "yes" answer on any of the Personal Data questions.
  • the background check report is flagged.
  • it requires an education review*.
  • it is missing any supporting documents or requirements.

*If you completed your education outside of the United States, we need to review your official transcripts or education evaluation.

Current processing times

We are reviewing completed applications received by the dates listed below.

Application type

Applications being processed

Emergency Interim Permits

Immediately upon request

ARNPs (by Exam and Endorsement)

September 16, 2022 to current date

RN & LPN by Exam

September 27, 2022 to current date

RN & LPN by Endorsement

September 20, 2022 to current date

Nursing Tech registrations (NTECs)  

September 26, 2022 to current date

Reactivations (ARNP, LPN, RN)

September 27, 2022 to current date

Applications that are missing anything, or we have questions about, will take longer. We will email you if we have an issue with your application.

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