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Check the Status of your License

Please don't contact us to check the status of an application. During this time, we are not able to provide immediate responses regarding application status. Instead, we ask that you check the status of your pending license on the Department of Health's Provider Credential Search. A customer service representative will email you detailed instructions if anything is missing from your application. Healthcare facilities are communicating directly with the Nursing Commission regarding expediting applications for COVID-19 response.

Search for your name and status:

Please note, the Provider Credential Search will not detail what is missing from your application. If you are missing anything from your application, we will email you directly.

Status types


Once we approve your license it will show as active. Active means you are able to start or continue to practice in Washington State.


Pending means we have received and are working on processing your application. We will email you if we need anything.


Closed means we didn't get everything we needed to process your application. You must start over with a paper application.

Please email and ask us to email a paper application to you.

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