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Information for Nursing Assistant Students

Enrollment Criteria


In order to enroll in the traditional nursing assistant training program, the student must read, write, speak, and understand English at the level necessary for performing duties of the nursing assistant. See WAC 246-841-400(7)(a).

Alternative “Bridge” for home care aides

In order to be accepted into the alternative “bridge” for home care aides, the student must be certified as a home care aide with the Department of Health. See WAC 246-841-555(3) and WAC 246-841-535(1). Use the Department of Health Provider Credential Search to look up the status of an applicant's credential.

Alternative “Bridge” for medical assistants

WAC 246-841-535(2) states: “Medical assistant-certified under chapter 18.88A RCW, means a person who holds a current certification from one of the certifying organizations in WAC 246-827-0200(2)."

Medication assistant endorsement certification

To be eligible for this program a nursing assistant must:

  • Have a nursing assistant certification in good standing.
  • Have 1,000 hours of work experience in the past year as a nursing assistant in a nursing home.

See WAC 246-841-588(1).

A student may have a medical assistant certification with the Department of Health and not be eligible to take the class.

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Nursing Assistant training programs

Testing information

In order to be certified as nursing assistant, applicants must take and pass two exams. Credentia administers the written exam and skills test. To apply, please complete the testing application on the Credentia website.

You may be eligible to take the nursing assistant exam without taking a nursing assistant class if you:

  • have completed appropriate military training.
  • are enrolled in a nursing program.
  • were educated as a nurse outside of the United States.

Washington State Candidate Handbook

The Washington State Candidate Handbook (PDF) is a comprehensive resource for prospective licensees and outlines steps for taking the exam.

Scope of practice

The Nursing Commission writes the rules for the nursing assistant scope of practice. The scope of practice shows tasks, activities and processes a nursing assistant can do. Please read the Scope of Practice so you understand your role as a nursing assistant.