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Washington Health Care Association is pleased to announce an exceptional opportunity for aspiring nurses who want to earn while they learn. A pilot program for LPN apprentices in Washington state will launch this fall.

Working in partnership with Edmonds College, the WHCA LPN Apprenticeship program aims to create an alternate path to becoming a license Practical Nurse (LPN) where aspiring nurses will be afforded on-the-job learning opportunities, combined with online nursing classes and weekly clinical and lab courses. 

Here are three important steps for potential candidates for the inaugural program:

  1. Review this checklist to determine readiness for the program
  2. Complete the application for the apprenticeship program
  3. Apply for the Practical Nursing (PN) program at Edmonds College by June 14

Nursing students interested in a career in long-term care are encouraged to apply, whether they already work for a registered training agent employer or want to work for a sponsoring employer.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for our next generation of nurses in long-term care,” notes WHCA CEO Carma Matti-Jackson. “WHCA has collaborated with our partners at the Workforce Training &Education Coordinating Board, the Department of Labor and Industries, the Washington Board of Nursing, and Edmonds College for this inaugural program. We are all committed to developing this important, alternate pathway that provides students with the opportunity to work with experienced, successful mentors and nurses, with the goal of launching successful careers in long term care for our apprentices.”

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