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The Office of the Attorney General issued a warning today that scammers posing as members of the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) are calling medical providers to claim the WMC suspended their license.

While this scam has not directly targeted the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (NCQAC), please be aware and mindful. Similar scams have been sent to nurses that appear to be official requests for your private information. This information may include your social security number, credit card information, or other personal information. These requests may appear on letterhead that is similar to letterhead from NCQAC. (Note: in Washington state the board of nursing is called the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission, or NCQAC, so be suspicious of anything using a different name, such as the “State Board of Nursing.”)

As a reminder, the commission will never call a nurse, nurse applicant, or anyone else requesting personal information. Please be wary of these scam calls and do not provide personal information over the phone to anyone you do not know or trust.

If you receive a suspicious call or letter, please contact the Washington State Office of the Attorney General at 360.753.6200 or visit their website at If you have a question about your nursing credential, you can contact an NCQAC customer service representative at 360-236-4703.