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Photo of Heleena Hufnagel

Heleena Hufnagel is Clinical Quality Coordinator at Health Care Authority, where she supports quality measurement, monitoring, and improvement activities for Medicaid and ERB contracts and the Performance Measures Coordinating Committee.

Prior to coming to WA, Heleena worked for Colorado Health Care Policy and Finance as the Hospital Back Up Program administrator, overseeing ventilator dependent admissions into specialized skilled nursing facilities. 

Over her 11 years in the healthcare industry, Heleena has worked in all facets of the system, from home health to inpatient and ambulatory services, and in state government. 

For Heleena, the most rewarding part of her role is being able to make meaningful, long-term policy changes on behalf of the clients and families she serves. She also recognizes the immeasurable value of the clinicians, home health workers and DME suppliers who make community living possible and she appreciates the relationships she has made.

A nature lover, Heleena enjoys kayaking and road tripping with her dog Tinkerbell.