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We produce a podcast, affectionately known as the BONCast (Board of Nursing podcast). Our BONcasts are an outreach and education opportunity to learn more about the many facets of the Nursing Commission.

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BONcast Episode 4 - Discipline

Learn about the discipline process for nurses in the state of Washington. From what happens when a complaint is made, all the way to the rare instances of a hearing.

BONcast Episode 4 - Nurse discipline process in Washington state

Episode 4 speakers: 

  • Catherine Woodard, NCQAC Director of Discipline 
  • Adam Canary, LPN, Nursing Commission Secretary/Treasurer, Discipline subcommittee chair


  • Karl Hoehn, NCQAC Legal Assistant Director

Episode 3 - WHPS program

Learn about Washington Health Professional Services (WHPS) and the help that is available for nurses struggling with substance use issues. 

    BONcast episode 3 - Washington Health Professional Services

    Episode 3 speakers:

    • John Furman, NCQAC WHPS Liaison 
    • Kristin Waite-Labott, RN, Guest Speaker


    •   Karl Hoehn, NCQAC Legal Assistant Director 

     Episode 2 - Licensing

    Learn about the ins and outs of licensing nurses in Washington and how licensing protects the public. 

    BONcast episode 2 - Licensing

    Episode 2 speakers:

    • Amber Zawislak, NCQAC Assistant Director of Licensing
    • Dawn Morrell, RN, BSN, CCRN, Commission Member
    • Lori Underwood, NCQAC Licensing staff
    • Josh Smoots, NCQAC Licensing staff


    •   Karl Hoehn, NCQAC Legal Assistant Director 

    Episode 1 - About NCQAC

    Introduction and overview of the Nursing Commission. Includes information about serving on the commission.

    BONcast episode 1 - Introduction to NCQAC

    Episode 1 speakers:

    • Paula Meyer, Executive Director of NCQAC
    • Dr. Laurie Soine, PhD, ARNP, Commission Chair


    •  Karl Hoehn, NCQAC Legal Assistant Director 

    Visit and subscribe to our Nursing Commission YouTube channel!