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Nursing Commission rescinds licenses and denies applications related to Florida-based schools' federal investigation.

In conjunction with an ongoing investigation into the legitimacy of multiple Florida-based nursing schools, the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (NCQAC) has taken action to rescind the registered nursing (RN) license of the following individuals on the basis of failure to prove qualifications for licensure:

  • Abera, Yoseph
  • Antso, Yangmotso
  • Igwe, Ijeoma
  • Kamau, Catherine
  • Kamau, Ruth
  • Mesele, Yeshiwork
  • Ndungu, Gabriel
  • Nganga, Elizabeth
  • Ngure, Virginia
  • Njonde, Simon 
  • Nken, Ruth
  • Okpalobi, Shirley
  • Osinde, Jared
  • Sowe, Alhagie
  • Tecleab, Amanuel
  • Tensae, Tesfay
  • Waithera, Irene

NCQAC denied the following applicants for RN licensure in Washington state with academic credentials from certain Florida-based nursing schools on the basis of failure to prove qualifications for licensure:

  • Berhane, Tigist 
  • Daveiga, Valerie 
  • Edwin, Elisha 
  • Gebreab, Lidia
  • G-Kidan, Solomon 
  • Green, Deneshia 
  • Hadgu, Azeb
  • Kariuki, Jane 
  • Kaur, Amritpal 
  • Monda, Jared 
  • Moshe-Smith, Anna 
  • Muche, Metikie 
  • Ngundu, Solange 
  • Tran, Hien
  • Wuraola, Adenyinka

The list of NCQAC actions to rescind licenses or deny applications associated with the Florida-based nursing schools investigations will be updated when such actions become final.

Employers are encouraged to verify the licensure of any new or existing employee through the Department of Health (DOH) Provider Credential Search.

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Updated: March 24, 2023


NCQAC Contact:
Catherine Woodard
Director of Discipline and WHPS